Choose Life Wisconsin

Choose Life Wisconsin 



Choose Life Wisconsin, Inc. seeks to help Wisconsin’s valuable pregnancy resource centers continue their lifesaving work in the Badger State. From pregnancy counseling to providing free ultrasounds for expectant mothers, to assisting mothers with adoption, Wisconsin’s pregnancy resource centers are each and every day providing critical services that must be sustained. Choose Life Wisconsin’s mission is to help these vital organizations flourish.



For 2017, our goal is to see the widespread display of the proposed Wisconsin “Choose Life” license plate as seen below. This plate will showcase the commitment of Wisconsin’s pro-life community while at the same time help provide funding for the adoption efforts of our state’s pregnancy resource centers. The “Choose Life” plate will be a win-win in that it not only directly helps women and babies across the state, but also serves to help spread our positive, pro-life message. 


“Wisconsin's pregnancy resource centers day in and day out are making a real difference for women across our state.”

Diane Westphall | Choose life Wisconsin Supporter


You can make a difference!

Supporting Wisconsin’s pro-life movement can take many forms, from volunteering at a local pregnancy resource center, to buying the “Choose Life” license plate, to donating valuable items (such as diapers) to these vital organizations.

Regardless of how you choose to get involved, the important thing is that you do. You can make a difference here in Wisconsin!


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